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At a glance:

  • Versatile, stainless-steel pressure cooker
  • Simmers, stews, browns, boils, sautés and more
  • Cooks delicious meals up to 2 x faster*
  • Comes with steaming basket for added versatility
  • Lightweight, with one-handed opening for easy use
  • Five safety features for risk-free pressure cooking
  • Online recipe book with 90+ recipes for inspiration
  • 6L capacity (4-6 servings)

Diverse and delicious meals in minutes

Want to get creative in the kitchen, but haven’t got hours to slave over a hot stove? Cook diverse and delicious dishes in half the time* with the Tefal Clipso Minut’ Easy.

Not just for soups and stews, the multitasking Clipso Minut’ Easy simmers, browns, bakes, boils, sautés and more, up to 2 x faster*. Put your ingredients inside, add liquid, close the lid and cook away! The lid creates pressure which raises the temperature, so food cooks more quickly, while the liquid creates steam for deliciously moist results. It also comes with a steaming basket for added versatility.

The lighter** design, one-handed opening, plus five safety features ensure easy, risk-free use, and the culinary options are endless. The pot has a 6L capacity, so there’s plenty of food to go around. Plus, it’s made from stainless steel, so you know it will last.

*Versus cooking with a Tefal stewpot.

**Compared to Clipso+ with a similar capacity



Steaming basket included

For even more versatility, your Clipso Minut’ Easy comes with a steaming basket. Steam vegetables, meat or fish in the basket, while cooking a sauce below for easy, one-pot meals.

As well as locking in flavour, steaming with Clipso Minut’ Easy preserves up to 80% more vitamin C***, for food that’s both delicious and nutritious.

The steaming basket is superb for sweets too. Let guests think those melt-in-the-mouth chocolate fondants took you hours, when we know they cooked in just eight minutes. (It can be our little secret.)

***Cooking broccoli with Clipso Minut’ Easy versus a Tefal stewpot.

One pot. Endless possibilities

Diverse dishes

Whether you’re a student starting with the basics, a busy mum needing a quick way to prepare wholesome family meals, or a wannabe chef wanting to showcase your skills, Clipso Minut’ Easy will fast become your closest ally in the kitchen.

The 6L capacity is big enough for all the family and perfect for batch cooking. Wondering what to cook? The Tefal online recipe book is full of ideas. Cook a curry risotto in just seven minutes for a spot of Indian-Italian fusion. Sample street food without setting foot outside. Or save money on takeaways by making your own. Vegetable curry cooked in four minutes? Done.

Let’s not forget dessert. This versatile pressure cooker can cook fruit compote, roast pineapple or even poach pears, all in as little as nine minutes.

  • Feed up to six people at once thanks to the generous 6L capacity
  • Choose from 90+ recipes in the online recipe book – from starters and mains, right through to desserts
  • Steam vegetables, meat, fish and even desserts in the steaming basket

Speedy and secure






Clipso Minut’ Easy cooks your food up to 2 x faster*. So, you can prepare your favourite foods quickly, free up time to spend with friends and family, and save on your energy bills in one!

*Versus cooking with a Tefal stewpot.


Think all pressure cookers are heavy? Think again. Clipso Minut’ Easy is 30% lighter than a Clipso+ with a similar capacity. It also has two fixed handles for ultra-easy lifting and handling.


Thanks to Tefal’s patented one-handed opening system, Clipso Minut’ Easy is a breeze to open and close. Just lift the handle to unlock the lid and lower it to lock it – all with just one hand.


Clipso Minut’ Easy has five safety features built in, so you can cook with confidence. These include a visual pressure indicator, safe opening and closing system, gasket to release pressure, and safety valve.

Additional features




Easy to clean

When you’ve finished cooking, simply pop the pot in the dishwasher for ultra-easy cleaning.


Multi-hob compatible

The three-ply base ensures excellent heat distribution for even cooking and is compatible with all heat sources.

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